assessing post-crash damage

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i had a collision with a 4x4 car yesterday when it turned right immediately in front of me.
Thankfully i hit it on the side rather than it hitting me, and i escaped with a very sore shoulder.

I hit the car with enough force (about 25kph) to bend my ksyrium elite front wheel.
I can't see any visual damage to the planet x carbon frame, but is there any way to be sure?
Will an lbs be able to assess this, or should i just try to get the drivers insurance to replace the
complete bike?



  • estampida
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    if the frame has been overstressed you have to wait till the cracks appear, you can check with ultrasound, but without any hairline it will be hard to find any flaw

    could be lucky and the wheel crumpled before the frame saw too much load, might want to change the fork as a new carbon 1 is £100 or so for piece of mind, and pumping that claim up...
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    I'd get it looked at by a competent LBS. Given your description of the crash, the advice will probably be to replace the frame even if there's no obvious sign of damage. I'd be claiming for a new bike.
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  • +1 for Amafernga.

    There's no economical way to do it- Definitely new fork and reasonably if the bike shop concurs a new frame. Consider the 2 ways it can go after you settle-1) It may be fine, and you'll have no problems, but if you have settled then 2) it breaks you'll be liable for a new frame. Which is if you haven't hurt yourself when it failed.

    Minimise the chances you take and the monetary liability by claiming for a new frame, wheel, fork handlebar and stem, or bike- whichever is cheaper.
  • kevin69
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    currently the bike is at the lbs getting a quote for the insurance company.
    In the short term i'm dependent on what they say, but longer term you've convinced me to get a new bike
    when finaces allow.