How long winded, glueing tubs

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Sometimes i wonder if its worth the hassle, you watch the youtube videos

build up the glue on the rim after you've stretched the tyres for 24hrs or more, my story goes like this i was itching to fit my tubs so started on the rear let the tyre stretch over night, added some glue to the front rim and let it dry

added another layer and then started adding layers to the tyre, then a few days later tried to put it back together well the dam tyre was like wrestling a gator (gatorskins fitted)

took all my energy after a 67 mile ride, so the warning don't try and rush the stretching procedure on heavier tyres, the 2nd tyre i decided to glue it once on both wheel and tyre, it fitted far more easier and so far has held up well

so i hope there worth the hassle :mrgreen: lets hope the glue holds up :shock:

who needs the gym when you have tubular tyres


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    Gave up tubs years ago, but always used tub tape so : ... id=googwig
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    I just cleaned the rim applied glue waited 15 minutes and applied a second layer then applied a layer to the base tape (tub pre strtched) and waited another 15 minutes until it had gone tacky. Then I put the tub on. Seems to have worked. I suppose your method is the proper way but I can't be bothered with all that faff for myself. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    If you're only applying a single layer of glue to the tub then some of that will just soak through the base tape and there isn't much left on the surface. I think some tubs absorb glue more than others.
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    The trick with conti tubs is to stretch them before glueing and then stretch them *again* on an unglued rim once the glue on the base tape has dried. They then go on relatively easy!
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    What ever glueing method you use, i have found that applying a 2nd layer of glue (after allowing the first to dry) to the pre stretched tub and not the rim and then immediately fitting the tub to be far an away the easiest method, much easier to center and surprisingly cleaner.
    Each to their own on this though.
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    I've heard this from someone else too - I might have to try it out! However, do you not get glue on your thumbs?
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    2nd tyre was a dream

    its all about the stretching as most have said tghe CONTI tyres are pretty resistant all i can say is don't bother trying to rush a CONTI do it properly

    the tyres both methods are holding up well, there not quite perfect but not bad, im sure with practice i'll get better im hoping the next trial is a few months on tho :D don't fancy any early punctures and more expense on rubber
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    feedback on the glueing

    zero issue with either tyre to date only downside is the valve makes a racket so ive glued that today :mrgreen: