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Just about to pick up my Easton EA90 sxl from the LBS following a broken spoke repair and I've been advised that the bearings (front wheel - cartridge bearing) are sounding a little rough...

The wheels have been kept for best and have only done about 2500 -3000 so I'm rather surprised that the bearings are starting to go already. Has anyone else had this problem or can you suggest how long you would expect the bearings to last?

I've looked after the wheel well, kept it clean, never gone near it with a pressure washer etc.




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    Bearings should last indefinitely given proper maintenance and protection from the elements. The problem with the recent trend towards OEM cartridge bearing units is that they are not very user serviceable (unless you're a dab hand with a seal kit and an o-ring pick) and the seals are often not intended for outdoor applications. Consequently it's a bit of a lottery as to how long they will last. The failure you've experienced (if they really have given up and the shop isn't just trying to make a quick buck out of you) is really a failure of sealing rather than materials.

    The advantage of cartridge bearings, of course, is that you can bin them off and replace them without having to junk the hub as well. There's no reason why you'd have to replace them with the same units; you could go for standard steel bearings as an alternative, as long as you could find units of the correct dimensions.
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