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Tricked out '11 CAAD10 or '12 SuperSix 5, each for US $1900?

GMHutGMHut Posts: 3
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I had planned on buying the 2012 CAAD 10 5 from REI, at $1500. That seemed to me the best bang for buck going, as far as obtaining my first modern road bike without having to sell a kidney to afford one. Then I looked a little further from home and found an LBS that has a "preferred" relationship with Cannondale. They have some interesting choices I'm having trouble deciding on. They have on offer, a supply of 2011 CAAD 10s custom built for their shop with the CAAD 10 5 wheel set and crank, SRAM Red Shifter/breaks (same as SuperSix Evo Red), with rival derailer for $1900 (while supplies last).

They also have the 2012 SuperSix 5 stock on sale for $1900 till end of May.

I ride maybe every other day for 1-2 hour rides. Weekends I get in at least one 2 or 3 hour ride. Probably a 4 hour ride once a month.

If it were you, would you take the aluminum frame with the tricked out mixed component set (at, given my novice understanding, seems to be a super good price), or the comfy carbon with the CAAD 10 5 component set (also at a darn good discount)?


  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Personally I would go with Aluminium as Cannondale has over 20 years of experience and investment into making them.

    CAAD's are very well respected and as far as Ally bikes go are up there with the best.

    I personally do not like these plastic things that have started popping up ;-)

    Obviously there will be 10 people along shortly with totally different opinions but that is what its all about.
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  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    'Tricked Out'

    I'm stoked.
  • REI online or local store? I don't know enough about either of those bikes/component mixes, but if it's a choice between online and local bike shop I'd always go LBS - it's easier to go back for little tweaks and changes. (Things like "can I swap this stem for a longer/shorter one? - the fit isn't quite right" etc)
  • I'd always go for the better frame. Maybe look to getting some better wheels in the future? SuperSix for me!
  • GMHutGMHut Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies!

    The REI was brick an mortar. The shop with the custom/sales is not a big box. Every time I think I have my mind made up, I change it. They had a raw aluminum CAAD10 4 which looks fantastic. It had a big ol' dent on the head tube. When I pointed it out, the salesman said that the aluminum dent's pretty easy. When I mentioned I'd read on line that a serious scratch on a carbon frame could turn into structural failure, and it was cheaper to replace a 600 or 700 dollar aluminum frame than a carbon frame, he said they can repair carbon and the repair is almost undetectable for about $300. Anybody have experience with a repaired carbon frame? (looking for more decision factors to be the mental tie breaker). I'm going back saturday for longer test ride comparisons between the "bionic" CAAD 10 and the SuperSix 5.
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