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Avalanche 1.0 vs Rockhopper Comp vs Scale 80

Lei ChatLei Chat Posts: 8
edited April 2012 in MTB buying advice
I'd appreciate some advice on choosing between these three 2012 models.

I was trying to follow the advise of opting for a 2011 bike to get higher spec for my money but every time I find something I like it turns out to only be available in a small frame size.

The other problem I'm having is finding anywhere that has two models in stock that I can test ride, so right now my selection is based on budget and colour. :lol: :oops:

GT Avalanche 1.0 (just found it discounted to £699 at Damian Harris, so have added it to my options)
Specialized Rockhopper Comp (or should I stretch to the Expert?)
Scott Scale 80

I was considering the Scott Aspect 20 which is a similar price to the Scale 80, but am I right in thinking the Scale has a better/lighter frame but not so high spec components?

Thanks in advance of your kind response.
Need to upgrade from my mid 90s Hardrock ASAP


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