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Foil 20 and Mavic Cosmic Elite

roflomusicroflomusic Posts: 21
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Bike Radar Nation,

I've owned my Scott Foil 20 since December, 2011. I've placed 1100 miles on it. Last night, while heading to a local club ride, in loading my bike on my truck - I left the freewheel next to my vehicle. I forgot to load it and reversed my vehicle. I ran over it and ruined the axle and scraped the brake hub. I know it's a total loss.

I'm looking to purchase a new freewheel. According to the review of the Foil 20 on this website, the negative about it is the Cosmic Elite wheels. Needless to say, I'm looking to replace the freewheel until I can upgrade the complete set of wheels?

Suggestions? Please help an up and coming rider really upgrade the wheelset. Thanks.
Robert Flores, musician/teacher
2012 Scott Foil 20


  • teebs_123teebs_123 Posts: 357
    I have Mavic cosmic carbones on mine. Great wheels and bombproof.

    I'm looking to get some Fulcrum racing 3's as a winter/training/windy day wheel set.
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  • si2k2000si2k2000 Posts: 61
    Agree Carbones are good and good value. See if you can stretch to the SLE version as the braking improvement is worth the extra money. Keep an eye on the classified as these often come up on here for about £600. I was lucky enough to do just that and got an immaculate pair.
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