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Rose Pro-Fly

pompypompy Posts: 127
edited April 2012 in Road buying advice
Has anyone seen or ridden one of these? They look like an aero version of the Pro SL/RS series but as with the rest of the Rose website, there is little information on each model. The Ultegra version is a similar price to the comparable Pro RS, seems to be lighter somehow and the frame looks lovely.


  • ai_1ai_1 Posts: 3,060
    I was looking at that last week and like you I could find very little information on it.
    There's geometry and a parts list on the product page and there's a few lines of sales blurb in their online catalogue (starting at page 178) and that's about it. ... index.html
    It's billed as a breakaway bike. Aero frame and very steep 76 degree seat tube.
    However the astonishingly low 6.45kg weight listed on the product page for the Pro-Fly 3000 seems to be incorrect. The online catalogue says 8.2kg which seems much more likely.

    I'm currently riding a cyclocross bike with road tyres and low bars but I plan to start doing some sportives, duathlons/triathlons and maybe a road race or two starting later this season. I'll be looking for a new bike and I'm wondering if I should buy a triathlon bike or a road bike. Might this Pro-Fly be a good compromise? Early days yet and I don't even know if the geometry suits me...
  • pompypompy Posts: 127
    Yeah, I saw the weight in the catalogue too and I'm sure that is right. It's a shame they don't give us more info over here in the UK as I haven't seen a bad word written about any of their bikes (or when they were Red Bull). The link below gives details of being able to test ride their bikes but if you aren't in the SE, it's gonna be a mission to get to their 'shop' ... erience-2/

    Keep us posted if you go for it!
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