How to build a bike - help!

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Hi guys,
I recently purchased a ribble frame with a view to stripping down my current road bike (old Giant OCR) and building this one. The main motivation behind this, apart from the obvious frame upgrade (and doubtless a few components along the way!), is to get a better working knowledge of my bike. I am a little ashamed that servicing tends to be done by my LBS and repairing punctures is about as far as I go.

So with this in mind I am looking for a decent resource, book or DVD, that can guide me through the process. I will get my handy work check thoroughly before I hit the road but I want to have a good stab first. Any suggestions where to go for this?

Massive thanks in advance for your support,



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    Don't be ashamed, DIY is a British thing, in the continent one goes to the LBS for everything, including punctures... :lol:

    You probably need to purchase a few tools... few but good quality is my advice, over many and crap.
    The Park tool website is a knowledgeable source of information
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    You tube and Park tools are your friend. embrace them both.
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    Seriously - its really,really simple.

    Go down about 10 threads on this page and you'll see this discussion there - the patented Yossie "put new frame next to old frame and transfer parts across one by one until the bike is built" theory is fully detailed there..

    Its really, really simple: the only tricky things (and not even that tricky, just intidating) are the headset and the bottom bracket.

    Anything you get stuck on just drop a post on here and we'll try and sort it out.
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    And before you cut your fork steerer tube to the desired length, double check your measurements. Once you're happy you've measured it right, measure it again!
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    I have the Zinn book and it looks perfectly good but I've always just used the web (I've built two bikes and done lots of fettling over the years).

    As mentioned the Park website and youtube are pretty much all you need (along with maybe a few tech docs from manufacturers websites).
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    A massive thanks for the feedback, links and general words of encouragement. I now have the frame and hope to get cracking over the weekend. Had a word with my LBS today and they will take a look at my handiwork (or lack of!) once I have built it up.

    Thanks again