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I recently asked about a set of wheels for use during races in the Road Buying advice forum and was recommended the Shimano RS80s. Here is a link to the post which will explain more : viewtopic.php?f=40042&t=12845295 . My bike is a Cannondale CAAD 3 with a tiagra 9 speed groupset. The cassette on my old mavic cxp23s with CODA hubs is a BBB 9 speed 14-25 for juniors. If I buy the new wheels and put on an identical cassette can I switch between the wheels without adjusting the rear mech or any other mechanical part of the bike. I plan to use the RS80s for racing only and the old wheels for training. I would be very thankful for any advice on this. Also, could anyone recommend a good set of racing tyres which won't break the bank? :)


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    I think you should be able to swap wheels without adjustment if the cassette is the same. It might require a spacer on one of either of the hubs to get the top and bottom cogs in the exact same place.

    With regards to racing rubber. Depends what your budget is. I've got Schwalbe Ultremo ZXs for summer, really fast, but liable to a visit from the p*ncture fairy. I've also got Conti GP4 Seasons for winter use. Not quite as quick but miles more resistant to the dreaded visit. It stands to reason that Conti GP 4000 or 4000s will be quicker than the 4seasons.

    Have a look on the Continental interwebsite, they've got all the models listed and their uses.
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