Trek Madone 4.5 2011 - Wheels advice?

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Hi all,

Last year I purchased a Trek Madone 4.5 2011 bike, its a been a good companion over the last 9 months but now I feel like I should accessorise and change a few things on the bike.

Basically i'm a club rider and do a regular 50 miles at wknds and want to try sportives by the summer. I'm not too techie and have tried looking around at different makes to see whats out there but thought i'd try on here and gets peoples advice as I seem to just confuse myself with all the different makes etc...

Basically my budget for wheels is around £300-400. i'm just not sure what would benefit me. The current wheels are the bob standard Bontrager R1.

The specs for the bike are below. Thinking of also updating to full 105 groupset or even forking out for ultegra gourpset.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Mat :D

Trek Madone 4.5 Compact 2011 Specifications

Frame: 4 Series TCT carbon Duo Trap compatible
Front Fork: Bontrager Race Lite with E2 aluminium steerer and carbon legs
Rear Shock:
Front Derailleur: Shimano 105
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105
Number of Gears:
Shifters: Shimano 105 STI 10 Speed
Chainset: Shimano R600 Compact
Chainrings: 50-34 Teeth
Bottom Bracket: Shimano
Cassette: Shimano 105 11-28 10 Speed
Pedals: Not included
Front Brake: Tektro R540 calliper brake
Rear Brake: Tektro R540 calliper brake
Brake Levers: Shimano 105 STI levers
Handlebars: Bontrager Race VR-C 31.8mm
Stem: Bontrager Race Lite 7 degree 31.8mm
Headset: Integrated cartridge bearing sealed alloy 1-1/8″ top, 1.5″ bottom
Grips: Bontrager gel tape
Rims: Bontrager SSR rims
Front Hub: Bontrager SSR hub
Rear Hub: Bontrager SSR hub
Front Spokes:
Rear Spokes:
Front Tyre: Bontrager R1 700x23c
Rear Tyre: Bontrager R1 700x23c
Saddle: Bontrager Affinity 1 steel railed
Seatpost: Bontrager Carbon with 20mm offset


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    What's the rationale for new wheels after 9 months?

    Are you too strong for the Bontrager or you need some flashier ones? In the first case, I recommend handbuilts on quality hubs, in the latter, get something made of carbon
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    what ever you get get somthing reliable, for that sort of money id go for a set of mavic kyserium wheels, either the equipes of the elites if you can get a deal from somwhere. like a club discount etc? im getting a set of the elites soon and have been quoted £400 by a local club shop member so look around youll never know what you can find :) that or mabye go second hand? then youd get even better wheels for your money however ifs its flash you want then mabye not second hand haha have you looked at planet Xs 50mm carbon clinchers? there at the top part of your bracket and are ment to get good reviews, just depends if its overkill haha which is a point. choose what sorta rim your after i.e. aero/thin etc. and that will help you out alot! take a search on the forum, theres alot of treads talking about wheels and the like so you might find somthing usefull there!
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    Hi thanks for your replies, have done some research on the site, seems like a few people have had lunch ordering from this Dutch website and they seem quite cheap.... ... catid=3183

    Like the look of the Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels 2012 but the fulcrum 5's also get good reviews is it worth paying 150 quid more for them... Hmmm decisions decisions

    The rationale for getting new wheels is only because I have read a few reviews of my bike and see the negatives is the budget wheels that where put on bike and a couple of the components......
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    Stock wheels are c#@?, go for the mavics
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    i think in most peoples eyes Mavic wins most times really, they are practically bullet proof and you can even get there MP3 warrently which covers anything for 2 years accidental or not! now thats usefull! see if you can try a set or two out really, see what happends :)
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    thanks will do
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    ok so the question is what Mavic wheels....

    Mavic Ksyrium Elite or Equipe wheels ... html?lg=en

    or ... html?lg=en

    Any opinions??

    Many thanks

    Edit:- I guess this article says it all ... elset.html

    Sounds like my mind is made up!
  • As i hvae the same set up. What did you buy in the end and were you pleased with your choice? Did you notice a difference?