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Max £450 hardtail budget. New or 2nd hand - Whats the best?

StebbilStebbil Posts: 10
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi all

New to this forum and pretty new to the world of mountain biking. I have recently moved to a rural village and quite a few of the new people I have met go biking around the surrounding countryside. I think they go on moderate difficulty runs and speaking to them they paid in the region of £600-£1000 for their bikes.

Anyway, I would like to get involved in this to lose weight and get me out into the fresh air. I have a max budget of £450 and not sure if to buy a new one, or go second hand. Problem is that most people I speak to at work all have £1000+ bikes and therefore their knowledge on the entry level stuff is a little limiting, which is leaning me toward buying a second hand more expensive bike (Trek, Cube etc) rather than say a careera from Halfords.

Any advice on what to look out for be it new or second hand and general advice overall would really be appreciated.

Many thanks


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