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Worth upgrading?

Ironmonkey80Ironmonkey80 Posts: 2
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Firstly just like to say hello to everyone.

I have a specialized hardrock sport disc (2010) I use it for work every day and like to blat about on the southdowns as well, where a failed to look after it the forks have developed some surface rust and seems like a good excuse to upgrade them, but I have to ask is the frame.good enough to warrant upgrades as I will want to do other things like brakes next? The current forks have 80mm of travel, could I go up to 100mm with put throwing everything out of sync? I'll probably look on ebay for some forks with a budget of about £150, any recommendations for forks?


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    On One have some Rockshocks Recon Silver for about £100, and Recon Golds for about your budget. New and a definite improvement.
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