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Which replacement tyres for a 14" Carrera Kraken?

UpyaUpya Posts: 11
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I have just purchased my wife a second hand 14" Carrera Kraken MTB.

This currently has a pair of Continental Vapour tyres (26"x2.1), which are rather heavy with a deep tread. As my wife hasn't ridden in over 20 years and as we only intend to ride light trails, towpaths and roads, I wondered if it would be worth while changing the tyres over to something lighter and with less tread, to make the ride easier for her.

Can anyone recommend a particular tyre, that would suit these environments without being too fragile and puncture prone?

Many thanks for your help in advance.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Michelin AT, light, fairly fast rolling, and grippy enough for what you want! ... at_folding
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  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    If your really limiting the the use to the above, then a semi slick or something with a continuous central tread will probably be best. That would reduce the effort pedalling considerably. You might consider the Schwalbe Black Jack, which in a 2.1 is quite fat (read comfy), and not so stupid light that it will puncture every five minutes. Chain reaction have them for £12.99, although other online retailers are available. For something a little more off road biased, perhaps a Smart Sam?
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