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Boardman Team Fs

mintedoxmintedox Posts: 273
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi bit of advice please, I'm looking to get my first full sus and can't decide what now.
Yesterday I placed an order on an Anthem x5 but the size I wanter wasn't available so the search started again and the Boardman caught my eye.
It seems well specced for the price and the halfords site has mostly good reviews, any problems seem to have been sorted.

I think the question I'm asking is should I? I ride in the Pennines or trail centres at least twice a week and I want a bike that will take everything in its stride.

Any comments welcome

Papa? Nicole


  • andy_welchandy_welch Posts: 1,101
    The Boardman seems to get pretty positive reviews. It's a somewhat different bike to the Anthem though. The latter is really a pure XC bike (albeit one that is capable of more) where the Boardman is more of an all-round bike with a bit of an XC bias. The travel and head angle makes the Boardman look (at least to me) a lot more like the Trance than the Anthem. Another bike with very similar geometry to the Boardman (and Trance) is the Canyon XC range.


  • mintedoxmintedox Posts: 273
    Thanks for the reply. When i ordered the anthem i was happy with 100mm travel but i think longer travel would be a better long term option. I went and had a look in Halfords yesterday but got no service at all from them so the search continues.

    I know whatever I get I will enjoy after using budget hardtails for the last year.

    I havent looked at canyons yet, will check them out.

    Papa? Nicole
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