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How do I identify the year of a Carrera Kraken?

UpyaUpya Posts: 11
edited March 2012 in MTB beginners
I hope this is the right place to put this question, as I was unsure. If not, please feel free to move it.

I purchased my wife a Carrera Kraken earlier from a friend, but I am unsure if it is actually a womens or childs bike and also which production year it is.

Not sure if this helps, but it has the following:

14" frame (hence the confusion if it is a womens or child bike)
Silver and red frame (Silver writing).
Front and rear disc brakes.
SR Suntour forks (30mm?).
Shimano SRAM SX5 gear trigger on the handlebars.
Tektro brake levers.

I also have the chassis number from the bottom of the frame, could I find out more about the bike with this?

It is in good nick and it only cost £60, so I am hoping we have got a bargain for her. Just got to drag her on the trails now, until she gets the bug.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


  • mattvmattv Posts: 992
    Could well be an 04\05 model. They did make ladies bikes down to 14". If it's working ok and fits her, ,60quid is a fair price for any reasonable bike!
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    On the year you're roughly talking about the model year is in the frame No, first 2 numbers from memory after the letters.
  • UpyaUpya Posts: 11
    Many thanks to you both for your help.

    The first two numbers (after the inital letters) on the frame are 50, so it could well be an 05 bike. Either way it is in cracking condition (I think it had been stored away in a garage for a number of years), just wanted to reassure my mrs that it is a womens bike as she thought it might be childs bike being a 14" frame, even though it is a perfect size for her, lol.

    The only thing is the tyres appears to be a bit heavy, not sure if that is just because I am used to the skinny tyres on my GT Transeo 3.0 Disc Hybrid or not, but I'm worried they my make it a bit difficult for her and limit the number of miles she wants to do on the trails.

    Bit of a newbie question, but could I swap these for a lighter/skinnier tyre, to make it a bit easier on her, whilst still being able to ride the gentle old railway trails and towpaths? If so is there a particular tyre/brand you would recommend?

    Thanks again for any help you can give me.
  • Greer_Greer_ Posts: 1,716
    Can't recommend a tyre, but assumng its a womens bike, the tyre size will be 26". Wouldn't go any bigger than 26" by 1.8" for towpaths etc and probably semi slick tyres would be best
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    What tyres, weigh them (on her kitchen scales) a 26x1.8 or 2.1 will be fine, and XC style tyre will be 600-750g for a reasonable wire beaded item, and make sure the pressures are righht for usage (I'd start at around 40-45psi for light trail use).

  • UpyaUpya Posts: 11
    Hi there, the tyres presently on the bike are Continental Vapor's (26x2.1). I haven't had chance to weigh them yet, but there are feel very heavy.

    They also have a very deep tread on them, which I'm not sure is necessary for the light trails and roads we will be riding.

    I am going to start a new thread, asking specifically about these tyres and will check out your advice.

    Many thanks for your help.
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