Cervelo mech problems

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Hope you can help me with an ongoing problem, on behalf of my 65 year old father in law. He purchased an 2008 Cervelo Soloist S2 in CSC colours. He has had continual problems with rubbing on the front mech. He has had it into his local Cervelo dealer, numerous times with no resolution. They built it originally and said the front mech he had chosen was not compatable, they sold it to him! Also has been to the UK disti Madison, who have been helpful, but again came back and issue has returned.

10 speed: Campagnalo Chorus Chainset, Record Rear Mech, Centaur shifters, and Record Front mech. He then purchased a Centaur Front mech as a recomendation to resolve the problem.

Obviously a riveted bracket on the frame that the mech attachs to, does not offer a great scope of adjustment. He isn't riding the bike as he is sick of it! seems a waste.

Any suggestions, help, or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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    In what gear combinations is it rubbing? Electronic shifting aside, either you need a trim position on the front shifter (not so common any more), or you can't really avoid it. In either small/small big/big combinatiosn (which should nt be used), it will probably rub.
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    Are the centaur shifters 2008 - the older shape? If they are, are they the escape version (the thumb buttons only allow one shift at a time)? If they are, they only trim in one direction.
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    This might or might not be related, but I've just emailed Cervelo and am waiting for their reply
    One of the rivets that holds the bracket on my RS has gone loose. As a result, when in the big ring, the cable's tension pulls the mech inward, in an angle, so if I use one of the 3 small cogs, it rubs

    I've asked Cervelo for the type of rivet so I can try and fix it myself, but I've also queried them if this is something that is normally covered under warranty. When I inspected it closely, the bracket seems to have too much flex which could be a design/ manufacturing fault.

    Not sure if your FIL's bike has the same issue but I'll update the board when I have an answer...
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    The bracket on the frame gives all the adjustment you should need; up and down and a bit of rotation so that you can make the mech cage parallel with the chain rings. As above, a lose bracket will give problems or there is an incompatibility with the shifters and the mech. In my experience the 10 speed Centaur front mech was a bit iffy, Record is much better.
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    If anyone is interested, Cervelo may or may not repair/ replace the frame under warranty, providing that you are the original buyer (which I'm not) and that a certified dealer submits the claim

    Most LBS's are not really interested in doing this type of repair

    The rivets are 3.2mm dia/ 6mm length stainless steel and you have to re-do all 4 of them, clean the holes etc.

    A bunch of rivets and a gun were £8.09 on ebay, I'll have a go at it this weekend and see if it helps...