Shortening of Hamstrings

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Hey Guys and Gals, I am sure this has been discussed before, but I'm new to the forum so here goes.

I am just getting back into cycling thanks to the cycle2work scheme. I'm not just gonna use it for commuting but I am also going to go offroad and do a bit of trail of xc when the chance arrises. I also run 2 times a week.
Now due to me cycling most days I am going to cut down to just 1 medium length run per week.
However I have heard the cycling can shorten your hamstrings which can affect running and cause injuries. :shock:

How true is this guys? :?:

Is it just hoodoo, is it part true. Or will the fact that I will still be doing 1 decent length run a week mean that my Hammies will be ok?

Thanks in advance :D


  • it does seem to happen, I have tight hamstrings but I didn't do much sport at uni except mtb and swimming

    since starting to play rugby again and stretching a lot more they seem to be lengthening :D

    should balance out but might be worth doing the odd short run just in case though
    worst moment ever...
    buzzing down twisting single track then.... psssst BANG!!!
  • If anything cycling will make you a stronger runner, especially on hills.. triathletes always tend to bias their training with a bike focus. Partly because it's the longest part of the race with most to gain or lose but also because bike fitness transfers well to running but not the other way round very well. As long as you stretch post ride or run and your bike is set up properly, you shouldn't have any problems.