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Hi guys,

I've just been watching some Danny Macaskill stuff and am completely new to trials - but I have a question about his gearing.

At times it appears he's pedalling backwards in order to cycle backwards, indicating a fixed gear but at other times he appears to be freewheeling along with his pedals level.

Can someone shed some light on this?


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    He will be pedalling backwards so that the bike can go backwards. If he did not move his feet the bike would not move.

    Freewheels only work one way.
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    I've ridden a bike for twenty odd years and never noticed that haha. I mean I never had the need to go backwards, but I now realise that.

    This can be deleted now my stupid question has been answered haha.
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    In one of his videos he had a 'gap' in his cassette, so he could roll backward without pedalling (not what the OP is saying I realise), which was interesting. How it shifted I've no idea!
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