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jakewwfcjakewwfc Posts: 72
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hi, i have just purchased my first road bike , i am now looking to purchase a pair of shoes and pedals, im a uk size 12 and have never rode clipless before , i have a budget of around £150, any ideas to what i should be looking at ...........thanks


  • rc856rc856 Posts: 1,144
    Lots of choices mate and probably a few answers via the search function.
    If you use Shimano, do you want to keep with Shimano pedals/shoes?

    Personally, I use Time pedals because I like the amount of float and Specialized BG shoes because they're good for my knees.
    I've found that it's been worth spending as much as I could afford on a good pair of shoes.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    There are lots of posts on this subject but it can all be a bit daunting to start. But I would say the first choice to make is whether you want full road shoes/pedals or mountain bike MTB pedals. They all tend to be incompatible.

    Road pedals are optimised for road riding, but you can find them difficult to walk with.

    MTB pedals are not necessarily as ideal for long distances, but you can generally walk better in the shoes so tend to be preferred for commuting or if you want to share shoes between road/MTB/commuter bikes.

    MTB shoes/pedals are often referred to as SPD but that's just Shimano's MTB system - there are others like Time ATAC and Look.

    Decide which way you want to go and that'll narrow choices down enormously.
  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    Try as many different pairs as you can. Fit and comfort should be your number one priority. A slight rub or pinch after a few minutes will have you in bits after a few hours.

    As for the pedals - it depends on what system/brand you go for. Shimano and Look are both great to use and are very well made. Not used any of the others.

    Enjoy the new bike!
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  • essjaydeeessjaydee Posts: 917
    I have DHB mtb spd shoes for the commuter, and up until recently used this combo on my road bike too, but have now swapped to Look Keo pedals and Shimano R077 shoes :)

    I found the spd pedals and cleats put a bit of pressure on sole of my feet, which started to annoy me. It wasn't painful, but created a 'hotspot' on longer rides (40 miles +), hence the change too Look Keo and Shimano road shoes. They are a lot stiffer on the soles but miles better and more comfortable on the bike :wink:
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