Choose me a front derailleur ...

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I'm looking for a new front derailleur for my road bike. It's a (very old) peugeot premiere, and needs a band-on derailleur for a 28.6mm frame. It has 2 rings on the front and five on the back, and is used for short local rides and 'round town. It has a bottom-pull front gear cable.

I'm looking on the chainreactioncycles website, and it looks like there are two options there - this: ... elID=21806

and this: ... elID=67235

I've tried asking the chainreactioncycles 'tech support' people and they say that neither are suitable as my bike will have a thicker chain on account of the fact that it only has 5 gears on the rear hub; modern bikes have more gears (10 or so) and hence run thinner chains, and the front derailleurs have narrower cages to account for this. Those narrower cages won't work with my chain.

Is this so, or are they being uber-cautious in not recommending something? For reference, I bought the chain from them about a year or so ago - it's an XRAM one, and I don't think it's anything special. It measures 8.2mm across the rivets.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.


P.S. If this thread sounds a little familiar, it's cos I asked the same question a while ago - here:


... but never went ahead and bought the thing. Back then, this forum thought that either of the two derailleurs I linked to would do and there was no mention of problems from a thicker chain.