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Masi CX vs. Whyte Kings Cross

PaddyUTC+8PaddyUTC+8 Posts: 10
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Greetings from the bike manufacturing capitol of the world!

Unfortunately, Taiwan is not the bike retail capitol of the world, especially where CX bikes are concerned.

So I'm trying to make the best of limited options when picking a do-it-all adventure bike.

For the kind of riding I want to do, I'm looking for a reasonably priced and reasonably light CX bike with rack eyelets.

What I really want is a Whyte Charing Cross or Boardman CX Team but they arent available here.

So I've narrowed it down to two bikes that are (theoretically) available here - the 2012 Masi CX and 2012 Whyte Kings Cross.

Masi advantages - better groupset (Tiagra), durable and cushy riding steel, a bit cheaper
Masi disadvantages - canti brakes, about 1kg heavier

Whyte advantages - about 1kg lighter, disc brakes
Whyte disadvantages - lower-end groupset (Sora), straighttt-bladddddeedddd allllooyyyy ffffork(?), a bit pricier

Oh and another option here is the Surly Cross-Check which seems to get lots of love but it's a bit pricey (790 GBP compared to 540 for the Masi) for the complete bike here and i dont like the kit it comes with. I have considered saving up a bit more money and building one up from a frame though.

Anyway, I guess a big factor will be getting on them and seeing how the geometry suits me but while I'm waiting for them to become available here, anyone have any experience with either or any input?


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