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I would like to get some info on people experience with commuting on road bikes. I have been commuting on road bikes for a few years (with the exception of a few months on a MTB). It would be great if people can answer the following:

1. How far commute
2. How often
3. Any specific tricks or kit that you would not leave home without
4. Road Craft, any things you do to improve your ride safety

personally my commute is either 6 miles each way or 6 miles there and 20 back. I try to cycle to work 4-5 days a week using the car only when I need to lug around stuff. I would not leave home withough my mini pump and a spare tube in my saddle bag, walking 3 miles in road shoes to work is not pleasant :(

When out on the road and especially in traffic I try and be a bit bolshy and obvious mainly so drivers can see I am around. I find that if you tuck right up to the curb then drivers tend to try and squeeze past.

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