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I have some tektro dual pivot brakes on my road bike and the rear one has suddenly started sticking. Pull the brake and it works fine but then doesnt release from the wheel, theres a few allen bolts on the caliper that im guessing are for adjustmens but not sure what does what ! Or if theres a simpler fix, any advice ?


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    quickest thing is to check that its not the cable sticking. take the wheel out and clean the callipers and lube them plus spray some into the cable outer as well might just be some "gunk" stuck and stopping the cable releasing especially if you've been out in the rubbish weather we've had.
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    Same happened to mine and was also a Tektro. I loosened all (most)of them, dismantled and gave it a big clean and threw it back together. Greased the rotating parts etc and this seemed to help for a few months. The it starts doing the same again. It is never the cable and always the brake caliper. Almost like the spring is just not strong enough. Gave up after doing this for 12 months and brought an Ultegra set.
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    i had this, i loosened the pivot bolt a fraction, it was locked with a small grub screw. think theyre tektro 585 or something, boardman stock.
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    tried loosening the pivot bolt but its still happening, i'll clean the calipers and lube them tomorrow and see if that makes any difference. they ar eonly cheap tekto calipers and im in need of some new ones but finances not really allowing an upgrade at the moment!
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    Same as above - take the brake off the bike, and loosen all the bolts. There is no need to fully dismantle or remove the cable. Then spray loads of GT85 into the pivots to flush out any junk. Then dry with a cloth and add oil. Tighten up, put them back on the bike and hopefully enjoy smooth braking again :)

    Otherwise change the cable and check the lever.
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    I get this on all my brakes that get commuted on (Sora, Tiagra & 105). The mechanisms are all the same so it's no great surprise. The return spring gets covered in cack and has to run through one of the the calipers. I once tried taking it apart to give it a good clean - it was a bas^%rd job putting the spring back where it should go so I advise against this.

    I've loosened the allen bolt on the right, flushed out grit and then retightened it (mostly) - that gives the best results IMO.

    I run raceblades through the winter - I think brakes would benefit from full length mudguards. If you're buying new calipers and your frame will take them I'd seriously consider this a good investment.
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    Once you've established that it's the caliper, take the wheel and brake pads off, flush the pivot points out with plenty of WD40 while squeezing the caliper several times, leave it for 30 minutes then run some heavy oil in there.
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    Cheers for the advice everyone, will do it tomorrow and let you know how it goes
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    This is one of my bug bear problems, it's generally caused by lack of mudguards thus all dirt/muck & road grime spraying straight onto the rear caliper.

    Suggestions already made are pretty much the soloution here but you will have much more success if you remove the caliper from the bike and really make sure all bolts are freed off completely and plenty of lube to help flush out the dirt (etc) a new cable wouldn't go a miss too & better still some guards if you dont have them. :D

    Good luck.

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  • Twostage
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    DesWeller wrote:
    Once you've established that it's the caliper, take the wheel and brake pads off, flush the pivot points out with plenty of WD40 while squeezing the caliper several times, leave it for 30 minutes then run some heavy oil in there.
    +1 on the remove pads bit. Makes the process a lot less stressful, trying to protect them from WD40 etc.
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    It will more than likely be the spring in the calliper, I had the same issue with my Campag Centaur rear brake. I took the cable off and squeezed the calliper onto the rim and it stayed there. I stripped the calliper down and to be fair after 8 years of grime and water the moving parts were ok, I put it all back together and it was still the same if not worse. I have just finished replacing both callipers and a full cable set and it's like new and the rear lever doesn't rattle anymore.

    If you think about the spring in the calliper it doesn't have to move that far thus it weakens at that point so when you take the cable off and the rear wheel away and squeeze the calliper it seems to spring back fine because you are squeezing the spring through its full extent. That's my take on it anyway.