Chip on frame

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Hi all,

I have a chip on the frame of my new frame. Is there anything I can do short term to avoid corrosion?



  • rake
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    yes. put some paint on it.
  • or nail polish
    worst moment ever...
    buzzing down twisting single track then.... psssst BANG!!!
  • ddraver
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    Is it an Alu frame? Ignore it, it ll be fine. Mine is covered in them.
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  • mattyg2004
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    Could be carbon :lol::lol::lol:
  • willo78
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    Not sure about the frame type, it's a boardman hybrid team.

  • ddraver
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    but it's metal...?
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • FRAME: Lightweight alloy, triple butted, tapered steerer

    Its alloy
  • g00se
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    Aluminium is 'self sealing' with respect to most corrosion. On bare metal,it'll soon get a dull white/grey finish as it corrodes. However, the corrosion isn't porous like iron rust, so the metal underneath is protected from the elements by the corrosion itself.

    The only time to worry about it is if the bare metal is exposed to winter road salt- then a chemical reation occurs where the protective white corrosion is compromised by the salt solution and the aluminium is corroded further and further into the frame.

    So if it's a chip on the frame, you're fine - it it's on the bottom of the chain stays or bottom bracket and you're riding all conditions in the winter, you will want to clean it, scrape out the crudand seal it with some kind of laquer.
  • Yossie
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    Pop some tuch up paint, nail varnish or clear lacquer on otherwise there is a high risk of filiform forming between thr paint/frame.
  • keef66
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    Filiform forming? That's easy for you to say.