SRAM Red Crankset with 105 components and Shimano BB?

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Been riding an FSA compact 50/34 for a while and now want to start racing so time to go double. Everything else is Shimano 105.
Found a good deal on a SRAM Red 53/39 crankset for a round the same price as Ultegra.

I says I'll need a GXP BB, is that all I'll need to change?

Will my front derailler accommodate the larger chainring and different spacing? What about the rear, shifters, anything else which may be incompatible?



  • ugo.santalucia
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    Don't see any problem with your conversion... the FD will need to be lifted, but that's not an issue and SRAM chainsets used to be compatible with Shimano BBs, but more recently things got a bit messier down there. At the back, no problem at all.

    There are chainrings 53 x 39 for compact cranksets, if that is the problem, but I do realise it makes sense to get a new chainset as the former aren't cheap
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    Just be careful when lifting the front mech on rear tyre/front mech band clearance - when I did exactly what you are doing to the winter trainer/commuter I found that anything bigger than a 23mm tyre rubbed against the mech band: nothing running a 23mm tyre (perfect for racing or generally all round) or 2 minutes with a Dremel won't sort out though.

    A new Red compatible B/B is only £15 or so for the non ceramic version, so not a deal breaker really and the front chainrings will work perfectly with everything else.
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    Probably need a new chain too - your existing one will likely be too short.
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    And a new cassette to match the new chain.