1st time wheel build - please check my calc

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Could those of thee in the know check my results please.

About to build my first set of wheels. I have the rims - DT Swiss 465 and have on order some Novatec hubs somewhere in the post hopefully. I'd like to order the spokes so have consulted both the Wheelpro calc and the DT Swiss calc


Spokes probably to be Sapim race (d/b 2.0 x 1.8 x 2.0)

Rims DT Swiss RR465 32 hole front and rear ERD 599mm (on wheel and also on DT web site)

Hubs Novatec
dimentions for calcs for the hubs on this link here, page 5 I think.
http://issuu.com/novatectaiwan/docs/cat ... geNumber=2

The one thing I'm a bit uncertain of is Novatec measure the FTF flange to flange from the outside to outside of the flange (72mm front, 57mm rear), the wheelpro calc uses inside to inside to calculate so a few mm difference? and DT Swiss doesn't state ID or OD.

So from the novatec link above
OLD 100mm
PCD 38mm
FTF (o/d) 72mm

OLD 130mm
PCD 49mm
FTF (o/d) 57mm
offset 9.5mm

Was planning to use 3 cross on both wheels.

I'm getting results of;

front 293.5mm (so 293mm)
rear left NDS 291mm right DS 291

DT Swiss
front 293.2 (so 293mm)
rear NDS 292.3 (so 292) and DS 290.4 (so 291 according to them rounding this one up not down)

I'd be really grateful if someone could take the time to check this and if wrong point out my error before it would leave me struggling to build and thinking it's the technique not wrong spoke length.

Or you may use a different calc giving better results?

Thanks in advance


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    I wouldn't worry about it. Go for the shorter one if you're really bothered.
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    Just want to make sure I've calculated it correctly really.
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    For the same wheels at3 xcrossed I have used 292 at the front and 289 and 291 at the rear... With 14 mm nipples at the back and 12 mm at the front. If you have 12 mm nipples at the back then you need 291 and 293

    ERD used by DT calculator is 599 but I have measured 597 and prefer to use my measurements
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    Thanks Ugo, good to know I'm not a million miles out.
    Spa have 290, 292, 293 (no 291 unfortunately)

    So looking like, with 12mm nipples;
    front 292
    rear nds 293, ds 290 instead of 291