Gear index madness!

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Ok thinking of giving up and taking a hacksaw to it! Trying to set a 10' speed Shimano 105 set up. Have replaced cassette, chain and derailleur jockey wheels. Still refuses point blank to index. Cannot get all to work. If I get upshift set then down shift hesitates, no happy compromise. Is the derailleur knackered? Shifters seem fine.
Am about to send for the men in white coats!


  • nweststeyn
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    bent mech hanger?
  • Monty Dog
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    Agree, bent gear hanger plus check that cables have been cut square and clean.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Before new cassette etc, LBS said derailleur alignment was fine. Cables? Downtube adjuster was broken, now immobilised. Previous set up worked perfectly tho'. Baffled and annoyed!
  • ratsbeyfus
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    Could be a bent deraileur rather than a hanger... happened to me and drove me mad!

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

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    Oooh.. sympathy. I'm on my third mech in as many weeks and have just put on a brand new 105. It's dropping off the bottom jockey wheel. Looking down the chain it does look like the mech's bent to buggery. I took the hanger off and it looks OK but it was loose to start with and I've ordered a replacement from Planet X as doing that is probably as cheap as taking it to a bike shop.

    One gotcha I had last year was that I set my top stop quite conservatively so that the shifter could only just get it into the granny ring at the back. The indexing on my shifters never registered the gear change between 2nd and 1st so that when I changed down it dropped into 3rd straight away. That one drove me mad for ages.
  • Twostage
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    Does it hesitate and then shift or do you need two clicks to make it shift ?
    I had a rear dr nightmare where I couldn't get it to shift reliably in either direction. Turned out I'd put the cable on the wrong side of the clamp. :evil:
  • keef66
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    When I had the very same problem, several days later I found out the gear cable was disintegrating inside the shifter.

    New cable and all is silky preciseness again. (10 sp 105 also)

    I also had something similar when I first fitted a cheapo Mavic 10 speed chain (£10 from CRC) - good upshifts or good downshifts, but not both. Bedded in eventually, but it's probably buggered the cassette.
  • Long story but after fitting new inner AND outer gear cable and then re-fitting the old cassette (?) all is butter smooth changes. Came on all sudden like. Although the chain is new, it slips in 4th which is due, I suspect, to a worn sprocket. Mightily relieved I must say. Derailleur is fine and so is the shifter. Looking for a new/vgc 12-27 cassette but not right now! Thanks for the suggestions and advice.

  • Not looking for a new cassette anymore as the 12-28 I had, fitted and didn't work I fitted again and now does work. fed up of a knacked 4th gear so on a dare fitted the new block. And now it works. Lord knows why it didn't before but there you are!