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Advice re bike of year

andywyeandywye Posts: 6
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I have to say i found the article very usefull. I have an excellent LBS for Trek and was considering upgrading my old ali Trek to a carbon. It was reassuring to read about the Madone. I have a question, as an older person I think I need a triple to get up the hills. There is a Madone 4 for the same price as the 3.5 - just poorer specification, does Rob or his team have any experience on this, should I go for the 3.5 or ignore lower spec (but better frame????) or go 4.5 with the triple. Any advice appreciated


  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    Go for the better frame...

    don't take this the wrong way.....but why a thought being a double "compact" with a 34 front and 28 rear, should be enough to get up any hill.......If it's not enough, then you are probably wasting your time buying such a relatively expensive bike in the first response attempted to be logical rather than outright rude...hope it came across that way!
  • andywyeandywye Posts: 6
    Good point but live in an area where I go out my door and have 1;5 climbs so really need a low granny gear to wind my way up. At the moment a compact low gear is the same as my current triple but the triple offered on the 4.5 is lower and thought as I get nearer to 70 a lower gear might be useful plus I have to admit that no experience of a compact, I generally stick to middle ring until to either a very steep hill going up or coming down then use other rings. Also looking for anyfeedback on difference between a Madone 3 and 4 frame.
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    3 series has OCLV carbon which is of a better grade than the TCT used on the 4 series....quite honestly, neither will be a bad ride and you will probably notice different tryes and wheels more than you would on a slightly different carbon composite.. Trek's geometry is fairly consistent..I would assume both are H2.

    Just looking at evans...the 3 has ultegra and better brakes than the 105 and tektra stoppers on the 4.......why not ride them?...
    In terms of compact gearing...a 34 inner ring with a 28 rear, offers slightly less resistance than not actually having a chain fitted (joking!).....Far less messing around, weight and maintenance on a double than triple..

    I have a 5 series oclv madone, which is great and you will be pleased to hear, flies up the hills!
  • andywyeandywye Posts: 6
    Thanks, good points I normally would test ride as my LBC normally offers this. I have been into several trek shops apart from my local and nome haave any Madones and are struggling to get delivery dates for any of them!!!! I am also a 52cm frme so not many have those anyway. Think I will just risk the compact. The local LBC take huge efforts on fit,, last time changing handle bar width, stembar btape etc etc and not charging anything for this.
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    As I mentioned Trek are fairly consistent with their geometry.....if you can find a different model as in 2.1-2.3 up to madone 5 series....if it is a 52 and H2 geo as the bikes you mentioned appear to be. you should get a good idea on fit.

    My old Trek 1.9 is the same geo as my madone 5,,,,just different materials etc....
  • andywyeandywye Posts: 6
    Thanks, have been in touch and have an Ali for me to try
  • banditvicbanditvic Posts: 547
    Get a double, long cage rear mech and stick a mountain bike cassette on it 12 -30.
    Jobs a good un.
  • andywyeandywye Posts: 6
    Thanks for all advice, just one thing, the Madone 3.1 has cheap wheels, any advice on a cheap upgrade that will make a difference.
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