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I have recently bought Shimano 105 10 sp shifters and a 10 spd cassette. I am trying to get them to work with my 4 year old 9 speed 105 rear mech. I seem to having a few problems. I am wondering if they are compatible? Will they work together or do I need to get a 10 speed rear mech. Has anybody else done this? :cry:


  • sungod
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    you'll need a 10-speed chain too

    the rear mech will probably be ok, do make sure the cable is running freely as the effect of any drag will be greater with the narrower spacing

    for a shimano 10-speed cassette on a shimano 8/9-speed hub, you need a thin spacer between cassette and the freehub, this *should* be in the box with the cassette, if it is missing you can buy them separately... ... et-spacer/
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