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Cyclocross bike size

oasis99999oasis99999 Posts: 27
edited February 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi, can anyone help ? I'm 5ft 10" and usually ride a medium sized mountain bike. I'm wanting to buy a cyclocross bike, not sure which size frame to go for ? Can anyone offer any advice ?


  • jomojjomoj Posts: 777
    it totally depends on the style of frame, whether it's a sloping top tube or more conventional 'diamond frame'. Most CX bikes tend to be more like the latter (more room to stick your shoulder through) but you should try and read up on the recommended size for your height from the manufacturer, get a bike fit or try one of the online calculators. Better still , go to a shop and try one / get advice.

    There's no single answer, but if it's any use I'm the same height and ride a 54cm Kinesis Crosslight frame, which has a very nearly horizontal top tube and is a spot on fit for me.
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