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tire replace?? yes or no

stevopritchstevopritch Posts: 19
edited February 2012 in Road buying advice
i recently had to lock my brakes on to avoid an accident, after getting home i checked my wheels over and noticed that i have a flat spot on my tire where the tire skidded on the smooth tarmac. when i now watch the wheel go round i can see a dip side on to the tire in one place and also when riding you can feel i slight bump at slower speeds.

would this be a new tire needed?


  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    I suspect the answer is no, the tyre will be fine.

    If you are concerned, you could always take the tyre off the wheel and feel if the tyre is very flimsy on the area where you skidded compared to the rest of the tyre. If it is, replace the tyre.

    You should also consider how much life there is left in the tyres as they are - if they are near the end of their life, then what a great opportunity to grab yourself a set of tyres for the spring weather.

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