Help finding rim size for tape?

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Hi all,

I have some new inners on order which I plan to fit but thought I may as well put some new rim tape on and do a proper job.

Problem is I do not know the rim size tape to get.
My bike is a 2010 Felt F85 Blue with standard simano 700c wheels and at the moment I have a 23mm gatorskin tyre.
I cannot find any refence to rim size on wheel, do you think I will have to use a precision measuring tool on rim?



  • As far as I know most 700c wheels are between 18-19mm wide. HED wheels with C2 rims are the exception at 23mm wide (along with some but very few Aero wheels).
    Regardless standard rim tape will do the job on all of these wheels, since the job of the rim tape is to stop the tube being punctured by spoke nipples or in some wheels to stop the tube going through the holes where the spoke nipples are located.
    Both of these would be perfect for your wheels as long as it's wider than the spoke nipples or spoke nipple holes. ... pe_2m_roll ... c_rim_tape

    The velox rim tape comes in 2 widths but either size would do your wheels.
    I used the planet-x rim tape on my HED wheels with the 23mm wide rime without any problems whatsoever.
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  • Great help, many thanks StorckSpeed :)