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Hello, here comes another cassette spacer question... :roll:

I have shimano 105 10 sped cassette. Just pulled it off a Mavic wheel, with spacers....the same cassette will not fit nicely onto a different wheel (HED Ardennes). Fitting with no spacer, the large sprocket looks too close to the spokes for comfort; with 1mm spacer the smallest sprocket is too close to te frame, resulting in the chain rubbing on the frame.... :?

What am I missing, is there a different spacer required for non Mavic wheels I wonder?
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    for shimano 10-speed, usually you need a 1mm spacer
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    mavic wheels come with their own spacer which is just for mavic wheels. Don't try and move this to a new wheel.

    Shimano 10 speed cassettes come with a spacer which you fit with 8/9/10sp compatible freehubs. The only time you don't fit it is with older 10sp only hubs (these were about just when 10sp first came out). The spacers don't fit onto these anyway.

    8/9 speed cassettes don't need the spacer (and don't come with them). So as you can see Shimano 10sp cassettes are slightly more narrow than 8/9sd. Now if you fit a SRAM 10sp you don't fit a spacer, as these are the same width as the 8/9sp cassettes. But if you're swapping from a shimano 10sp you may need to tweak reindex the gears.

    Make sense? :?

    Basically, if the cassette comes with a spacer, and the spacer fits, you probably need it!

    * The above is all from experience, if it's wrong someone please correct me!
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    Mavic Aksiums, Ksyriums & Cosmics have the Mavic M10 hub (unless they're Campag fit, when they have an ED10).
    This M10 hub is not a Shimano hub, it's a Mavic hub.
    It has the same spline pattern as Shimano & SRAM so these cassettes fit it, but it's actually wider than a Shimano hub because Mavic also sell a wider Campag-spaced cassette which fits it, allowing you to use it on a Campag bike just by fitting this cassette.

    Thus to run Shimano or SRAM on it, as it's wider than s Shimano hub, you need a Mavic spacer, which is ca 3mm thick and has three notches in it (doesn't matter which way round these notches face, just fit on hub before the cassette - really old Shimano cassettes used to have three protruding rivets but no longer)

    If running Shimano 8sp or 9sp, or SRAM 8 or 9 or 10sp, this is all you need, but if running Shimano 10sp, you *also* need a 10sp spacer
    - a Shimano 10sp cassette is actually narrower than an Shimano 8 or 9sp cassette, so to run one on a Shimano 8/9/10sp hub you need a thinner spacer, ca 1.5mm, which comes with the cassette.
    ((well, it's milled-out at the back, so this spacer fills it in and makes it same width as 8sp or 9sp : SRAM 10sp cassettes aren't milled-out like this and so don't need the spacer)

    So when running on the Mavic M10 hub, you'd have had the Mavic thicker spacer because you're running Shimano on the M10 hub, *plus* the thinner Shimano spacer because it's 10sp.

    On the HED wheels you should just need the thinner Shimano 10sp spacer
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    Thanks guys. I knew it only needed the 1mm spacer.....I'm embarrassed to say that a good clean of the cassette sprockets and properly torquing it down did the job!

    I was too excited to try the new kit, that I did half an assembly job. :oops:
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