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Hey Roadsters,

Feel the need in treating my feet with some tender loving care & getting me mitts on some new Road Cycling Footwear, SPD-SL compatible....Currently using Shimano / Diadora but fancy the following makes for the next purchase......

SIDI (Are These Small Fitting???)

What's the feedback on the above, would be grateful if folk could recommend what their feet desire???

Anyone used Bontrager RL / RXL???.....I see these are going pretty damn cheap at the moment.

Cheers peeps


  • bus_ter
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    At £37.50 I find these really good!
  • k-dog
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    I've had Sidi Genius Pro's for about 2 years now and they've been by far the best shoes I've ever had - and I've had about 6 over the years.

    They're super comfortable and are still in great condition - I commute 5 days a week all year so they've had plenty of miles too.

    In that time I'll I've done is replace the heel bumpers because they were getting worn - I think they were £2.99. I have the mega ones because I have wide feet and they've just been great. I got them on sale for about £100 I think - so not cheap but well worth it.
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  • rozzer32
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    SIDI are narrow.

    Not tried any of the others. Have a look at Giro shoes. I find my new factor shoes better then the SIDI Ergo 3's which I sold on.
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  • k-dog
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    Yes, SIDI are narrow - but then they do the mega fit which has more space - I've never had shoes were I was in the middle of the adjustment before.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • il_principe
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    Lake? Do a wide fit as well and the quality looks v good. I've always used Spesh but thinking of giving Lake a go now.
  • John.T
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    Getting a good fit for you is more important than what make, colour or anything else.
  • carrock
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    spesh are wider fitting to suit american / british feet

    Slightly small fit, so a 44 which should be a UK 10 is more like a 9 1/2

    Not tried others, but I would imagine italian shoes are like italian clothes, ie go up at least one size