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Hi All,
I've never been a contributor to this forum but I was hoping you would help me.
Some time between 22:00 21/02/12 and 08:45 22/02/12 my bike was stolen from my car boot. I had left it in there dismantled (wheels, frame and saddle were separated) and all its parts were taken by smashing the rear windscreen.
My car was parked on Granville Road in Fallowfield, South Manchester.
Yes, it was stupid to leave my bike in the car but it certainly doesn't justify the crime. In any case, it would probably have been almost as risky to have it in the house knowing this area.

Here are some methods of identifying it,
Frame Number: ZQ7707381
Size: Small, 16"
It doesn't look much different from the picture above, it has a newer, cheaper saddle (though they left the seat clamp in the boot...).
It's got a shallow, scratched dent on the left side of the top tube.
Scratched stanchions.
Worn, black V8 pedals, (they left my spd pedals and shoes)
No chain device
Non-matching shifters.
A bit muddy.

Obviously someone could change these things pretty quickly if they purchase it whether or not they know its history.

Do you have any tips or methods for recovering it?

If you have any information please email me
[email protected]


  • E-Bay, Gumtree, Craigslist, Freeads, etc, etc - to start
    Good luck
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  • TomFFTomFF Posts: 7
    I found this on Gumtree about a month ago.


    I got the police involved (error) and they were too slow to do anything. I should have arranged to have a look at the bike first and then told the police it was definitely mine. The bike has been sold on and whoever the phone number belonged to won't cooperate. The police can't force him to because there's no evidence that that bike is actually stolen, though it most likely is.

    Anyone know anything about this bike? Maybe you bought it? Maybe you know who bought it?
  • I know how you feel mate I had my two stolen Tuesday there absolute scum
  • Just sent you a pinkbike message about a gumtree ad today, reign 1 being sold in Glasgow and the seller had no idea what size it is.
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