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Looking to buy a new MTB, budget £1.5k.

EmpathicaEmpathica Posts: 4
edited February 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi all,

As the title suggests, i'm looking to purchase a new Mountain Bike and my budget is £1.5k or less.

My situation and me:

*I haven't ridden a bike for 2-3 years.
*I'm quite a heavy big built guy (15.5 stone/226 lbs) and am a little shy of 6ft tall.
*I live next-door to Moors Valley country park and Ringwood forest, which is basically Cross Country themed for bike choice.
*I'm looking for a bike that will last a long time, something durable and reliable.
*My budget is £1.5k, however if I don't need to spend the entire budget and get an equally good bike then I will.

I'm aware that bike choice is somewhat down to personal choice, but if there is a general consensus on a particular bike for my situation then I will look to buy that bike.

Many thanks in advance.


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