Velox Tressorex Bar Tape - Put something underneath or not?

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Dear all,

Thanks in advance for the help, this forum is always useful and before you ask - yes I have done some searching.

I have got an old, lugged Claud Butler that is all but restored now and almost ready to sell. I have cleaned everything off and the only remaining headaches are:

1) the hoods, they used to be white and now they definitely arent. Trying cif and flash mixed and also some bleach but one is still eminently grubby and one is semi ok. Short of finding and buying new Shimano 105 SLR hoods does anyone have any advice for mildewy hoods? A google of "Shimano 105 SLR hoods" seems to return even second hand ones being grubby. Replacements are not hugely expensive but are an expense nonetheless and rare. Also, I don't want to ruin the vintagey look with new ones. Finally can anyone tell me very explicitly with photos how to remove the levers from the bars?

2) I have bought 2 rolls of cloth tape. I have read up on how to wrap bars and also how to finish them in twine. Having had a look around - what is the general concensus, do you put some cheap cork bar-tape beneath cloth wrap or not? I am large handed and can imagine it being very thin and pencilly for big hands. However I want it to be desirable and "old-skool" so should I just use the tressorex and leave it at that?

3) Should I shellac the tape or not?

Thanks in advance again,