Mavic Cosmos freehub swap

Snowdon Sherpa
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Just purchased a set of Mavic Cosmos wheels, approx 10 years old
It has a shimano freehub body on and I want to swap to campag
Any suggestions?


  • andy_wrx
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    Have a look on the Mavic tech website
    Username mavic-com, Password dealer

    I suspect you'll find your wheels use a Mavic M9 freehub, which you could just swap for a Campag one, except you can't get them any more as the current one being sold now is M10/ED10 and won't fit.

    In which case, you'll need to either use Shiftmate, or Ambrosio make a Campag-spaced but Shimano-splined conversion cassette which will just fit onto your wheels, assuming you need 10sp Campag ... paced.aspx
  • baznav73
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    You can still buy the shimano ones although they are not listed by mavic anymore may be the same for the campag one, may be worth a phone call to mavic uk just in case.
  • Many thanks for the help
    a few options and will have to investigate more
  • proto
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    Will an Ambrosio conversion cassette fit a M9 freehub? ... PriceComp1
  • andy_wrx
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    proto wrote:
    Will an Ambrosio conversion cassette fit a M9 freehub? ... PriceComp1
    Sure will.

    The M9, or M10 for that matter, is Shimano-splined.
    It's not a Shimano freehub, it's a Mavic one but with same spline pattern so Shimano or SRAM cassettes slide on.

    But it's actually wider than a Shimano hub, as Mavic make this ... MAVIC.html
    which is a Mavic cassette with Shimano splines but Campag spacing

    This only fits on a M9 or M10 Mavic hub - it's too wide for a Shimano hub, so someone with a Shimano (or other non-Mavic Shimano-fit brand) wheel can't use it with Campag gears.

    As it's wider, in order to accommodate it the Mavic hub is wider than a Shimano hub, and if you are using a Shimano or SRAM cassette on the Mavic hub you have to use a Mavic spacer (ca 3mm thick) which should come with the wheels.

    This Ambrosio cassette fits on Shimano hubs without spacer, so should fit onto the Mavic hub with the spacer, just like a Shimano cassette would.

    Or you could buy the Mavic cassette, up to you