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sarge_uksarge_uk Posts: 5
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I've been using my MTB for commuting the past couple of years, and I'm just looking to change to a road bike with a pannier/rack that fits to the back brake bridge

I'm looking at Trek 2.1, Cannondale Caad8, Cube Peleton SL or the Cube Agree (£1250 one).

Completely new to road bikes but putting in around 130 miles a week including the weekend so want something reasonable though the agree is stretching things a little allowing for shoes etc also looking to do some sportives either this year or next

Any thoughts, recommendations? not ridden any yet, took a quick look last week and like the peleton specification

Kind regards



  • I think you are looking at the wrong bikes...
    If you need a do-it-all to commute and enjoy rides out with your mates, you don't need a full on race bike but, as you say, a road bike... I would look at Surly pacer or some cross bikes with mounts for a rack, like the Genesis Vapour or Croix de fer (equipped with road tyres)... You should look at Audax bikes or cyclocross bikes... winter road bikes are an option too...
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  • Hi

    thanks for the reply, I was going in with the intention of looking at a cyclocross type bike but, and the chaps a good bloke, thought I'd prefer the outright speed of a road bike as I could still use the MTB for offroad/bridleways/bad weather commute.

    this is when I start going round in circles :)

    thanks Matt
  • sexysisexysi Posts: 50
    Just bought this £1,200.... wouldn't look right with panniers though.


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  • :) I know but needs must
  • tigerbentigerben Posts: 233
    Caad10x - cross bike with top frame and pannier mounts. Top bike.
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