Switching shimano to ca lag....easy?

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Maybe a silly question, but I have a nice spare set of Mavic Ksyriums with Shimano hub and 10 speed Shimano cassette....however my new bike is Campagnolo Centaur right through and the wheels on the bike are Fulcrum Racing 5s.

My question is twofold.
Firstly, is it easy to change the rear Ksyrium to run Campagnolo and what do I need to do? Hub? Cassette? Both?
Second, which are better....almost new Fulcrum Racing 5s or a few years old Ksyriums....both are true?



  • Sorry, damn iPad predictive text....should've said Shimano to Campag...
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    As a last resort, you could use the wheels with your Campag shifters, whereby you only have 9 cogs working.
    Ok, you may need 9s spacers (someone correct me on that), but ultimately, the Campag 10s shifters will work (flawlessly)
    with a Shimano 9s hub/cassette combo. That's the set-up I have on my 3 bikes. For me, 9 cogs on the back is plently.
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    Your Ksyriums don't actually have a Shimano hub, they have a Mavic M10 hub which accepts Shimano cassettes with that spacer you have to fit.

    Three easy options, without messing about with Shiftmates, etc

    1) Mavic sell a Campag cassette which fits on their M10 hub
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=33401
    This is a set of rings and spacers, allowing you to choose Campag 9sp or 10sp, which you fit onto the M10 hub without that Shimano spacer you currently have

    2) Alternatively you can replace the hub body with a Campag-fit Mavic ED10 hub body and then fit Campag cassettes as normal
    http://www.slanecycles.com/mavic-freehu ... -3299.html

    3) Or Ambrosio make a Campag-spaced but Shimano-splined conversion cassette
    http://www.surosa.co.uk/3896/products/a ... paced.aspx