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As a first time user of the site, I made a mistake whilst posting my first post in "classifieds". This was pulled, using my own user name, with a cursory "please read the rules" message on the site but no e mail notification to tip me off that there was a problem. The topic is now locked.
I PM'd one of the moderators to ask about this and for an explanation of what "locked " means. No response at all. Interestingly, it took only minutes for my post to be taken down, but days have elapsed since my request for some help.
As a newcomer to the site, this appears pretty rude and arrogant from the admin/moderators. It wouldn't take any time to raise an e-mail notification to alert me to the problem. Neither would it take any effort to add a reason when a post is pulled. Also, when a user askes for help about how the site works, it would seem reasonable to expect a response.
The date of me joining the site is clearly available to the admins, but maybe new users are just too stupid to merit any help when they make mistakes? or just maybe the site isn't as accessible and intuitive as regular users might think it is? and maybe people sometimes just make mistakes?
Either way, my first impressions of the site are that you're only welcome as long as you don't make any mistakes and if you do make a mistake, expect short shrift. I'm left wondering whose benefit this site is for - the users or the admins/moderators?


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    Why don't you read the FAQ, find out what you did wrong (for classifieds, it's normally forgetting to include a picture, or not stating a price, e.g. "Make me an offer"), and then create a new post, from scratch? The reason posts that fall outside the rules are pulled is that there has, historically, been a probem with rip-off merchants peddling on this, and many other, forums. By setting out rules, and quickly removing non-compliant posts, the moderators keep the site nice and tidy. This kind of thing isn't exclusive to bikeradar - some forums even require you to go on a probabtionary period before being given full access - imagine that!

    Also, remember that the moderators are all volunteers for this - they have day jobs too!!

    Hopefully you can figure out the error and put it right? Give us a yell if it's not obvious.
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    Long time ago and no idea what the advert was or what you forgot. Read the rules/guides in he classifieds and follow them. Any post that does not comply is either deleted directly or is edited.

    The rules are really very simple to follow.
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  • These replies demonstrate the point I was making about how unfriendly and unhelpful this site appears. Nicklouse, volunteer or not, your post is just plain arrogant and rude. Luckily my involvement with this site is optional. Keep up the good work. I'm gone.
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    It appears some people are beyond help... Good bye.
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