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hello does anyone know if the group set and other parts (which/ if any) from a 58 cm frame will fit on a 54 cm frame.
dont no if ive posted in right place, thanks in advance :)


  • nweststeyn
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    Yes, depending on a series of variables. the 54cm version of the same bike, almost definitely no problem. Key thing to find out is are the bottom bracket types the same?
  • Everything should fit. Possibly the seatpost will be different if the frames are not the same make/ model. The forks should fit if both frames have a 1 1/8 aheadset, althought the steerer tube might be the wrong size for your new frame. The headset removal is fairly straightforward, refitting will need a press or a vice at a push. The bottom bracket might be tricky, unless you have the right tools. You might get your LBS to fit rhe BB and headset. The cables could be slightly different lengths, but I would replace them anyway (cables are a few pounds each).
    Get yourself good tools. Good luck with the swap.
  • nweststeyn
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    kev - fire some additional details at us and we'll help with specifics :) whats the 58cm bike, whats the 54cm frame, what are the parts, etc?
  • nice one, yeah my pal left me a 58 genesis Equilibrium but its too big but i thought if parts fit could buy smaller size frame in same bike, thanks nweststeyn and stigofthedump loved that book years ago lol .