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I have a Boardman road bike that currently has double cog, SRAM Rival gears. Last year I did a cycling 'holiday' and cycled up four mountains of the Pyrenees. Even though the bike did get me to the top of the Tourmalet I found that I was in my lowest gear practically from the offset.

We're planning another cycling trip to the French Alps this year and I would like to change the double cog to a triple cog to make the climbs a little easier. However, I am not quite sure of every part that I would need to change to make it a triple. Would you be able to give me some advice?

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    changing to triple means replacing the left shifter, as well as the crankset, and front mech, maybe the bb too, but i don't think you can get a rival triple shifter, so you'd have to change both, or have odd ones

    overall that is going to get expensive unless you can find parts cheap on ebay etc.

    there are cheaper ways to get a lower gear...

    put a mtb/cross chainset on with smaller rings, and/or a cassette with a wider range, with a rival short cage rear mech you can use up to a 28 on the cassette i think

    fit a cassette like a sram 11-32 and long cage rear mech, there's a kit... ... wifli.html

    ...assuming your smallest ring is a 34, this will give you 34/32, that's about the same ratio as a triple would be with 30/28 and should be much cheaper/easier

    i'd go with the latter, then in future you can just swap cassette+chain when you want to move between normal and mountain set-up
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  • Look into the Rival climbers kit, this will enable you to potentially run a 32, think on the back cassette.

    Fudge cycles do a climbers kit that gives you a rear derailleur cassette and chain for less than you will pay for a new crank.

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