Was this a load of rubbish? (Halfords)

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Just picked up bike from Halfords. I'd dropped it in for the gears adjusting and to sort out a problem with the rear wheel.

I haven't ridden it yet but I'm guessing the gears are fine. What I was wondering about was what the bloke there told me about the wheel.

He told me the hub had quite a bit of grit in it and this had built up due to riding in wet conditions. He then said he had stripped the hub, rubbed the bearings down and re-packed them with grease. I bought my bike about 18 months ago - its a 2010 Specialized Secteur Sport - and I thought all modern bikes had sealed bearings and that only old wheels had hubs you can strip down and regrease in this way etc.

Am I right? Has this guy done sod all for the money or am I making a bit of a mistake about how wheels are built these days? I kind of expect to be told a load of rubbish in Halfords but I had no choice inn using them due to logistics problems.


  • Not all modern bikes have cartridge bearings some top end wheels/bikes have cup and cone - this is a subject close to my heart cause I just got a set of RS10 wheels as a warrenty upgrade on a Spesh bike which are my first cup and cone wheels. I had a Sectuer Elite 2011 and the RS10s they gave me as a warrenty replacement were original spec on the 2011 Roubaix Comp - so the wheel upgrade is from three models above mine. So I reckon they surely must be a bit better - my original wheels were sealed cartridge bearings so the better wheels were cup and cone.

    According to the sites I could find that still have details on your bike they say sealed or double sealed BB hubs - I would guess that must mean cartridge but someone will be along soon no doubt who knows for sure ....
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    Cartridge bearings are referred to as sealed bearings. Cup an cone bearings have seals to stop mud/water entering them. So the term "sealed bearings" could refer to either type of hub. I don't think Halfords have done anything untoward.
    Cartridge bearings can also be cleaned and regreased even though they are said to be sealed.
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    Evans website (where I bought the bike from) says -

    Rear hub: Forged aluminium, 32h, double sealed ball bearings, cassette, QR
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    you can never truely seal a bearing with moving surfaces, even more so if you dont want any drag. in winter the rubbish will eventually get in to any bike wheel. its very common. they prolonged your wheel.
  • Cup and cone could still be described as double sealed if they have removable seals IMHO. Both types can be susceptable to dirt/water ingress (just try a power washer on "sealed bearings" and see how long they last). Without having a look at the wheel it's difficult to be certain that you've been ripped off. I know we all have a pretty low opinion of halfords but I'm sure they're not universally bad.
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    I'm not particularly upset by this. The guy got my bike sorted within an hour of dropping it off and it works now. I'm just curious to see whether he was exaggerating when he told me everything he'd done to sort it out.
  • Re Halfords - the branch near my work I would have said was pretty terrible, while the branch near my home is great; good staff, good stock and two of the bike mech guys really know their stuff, are very helpful and willing to teach while repairing. Interestingly a guy from the branch near work got moved to the branch near home and the staff there were despairing cause he's a famous dope!!! So my experience is mixed and maybe nothing to with particular branches just particular people.

    For what it's worth +1 to betting they did something helpful for your wheels (I suppose time will tell).
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    If the wheels have Mavix CX22 rims then the hubs are joytech. (these wre on most secteurs I think) The sealing on them is rubbish and the bearings on mine wear out every six months. The rear has sealed bearings and the front has normal shimano style bearings. It is possible to repack grease into the the sealed bearings but I find it doesn't make them last much longer. I have moved my set to winter duties and replace the bearings once a year. I suspect long term it's better to buy a new set of cheap wheels then keep repairing. The hubs will not last.
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    No, the wheels are Alex Rims not Mavix