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Mudgaurds, 25-35c, any recommendations?

jamienortonjamienorton Posts: 182
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Hi all, just ordered some chromoplastics for my cross bike, in size 35-38c, i then went out and had a proper look at my tyres and the 32c (wrong order to things i know). So now im looking for some guards that will cover tyres from 25c road to 35c CX tyres, will proberbly change between the two depending on what im doing. Bear in mind the bike has discs. Any recommendations? Thanks


  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    Zefal Swan Road - I only use a rear one, and swap it between CX and road bikes, which is easy and fast to do. Stays in position, even when I'm riding off road. Does the job well and isn't too expensive.

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  • jamienortonjamienorton Posts: 182
    edited February 2012
    Recieved the P45s earlier and went to have a go at fitting them, ran into problems almost immediatly. Doesnt seem compatable with my frame, took a few pics of my mount points, are they even mudgaurd mounts?
    The instructions suggest there should be mounting points around the QR.
    The instructions show this as a horizontal point.
    Pic of the back end
    Can mudgaurds be fitted to this?
  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,733
    Looks like it should be possible, you'll just need to bodge the front mudguard stays.

    However I think a call to Rose to confirm would be in order: ... 2F36#Bikes
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