Removing Pinarello/MOST headset

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I tried to remove the fork on my FP2, and couldn't figure out how. I took the stem, spacers and the headtube top cap off, at which point I'd have expected the fork to pretty much drop out, but it was still stuck very solidly.

I've read that the headsets are non-standard. Is there some trick to getting it out, or does it just need more force? I tried "quite a lot" of force, but I stopped short of smacking the carbon steerer tube with a hammer.

I only wanted to cut down the steerer, so I just gave up and did it in place, but I'm curious now.


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    The Lower bearing fits tightly in the head tube and tightly around the base of the steerer tube. This means you need to give the steerer a clump with a mallet, preferably a rubber one, or a hammer with a lump of wood. Make sure you protect the forks from then dropping out by putting something soft under them or having an assistant hold them.

    To replace them just tap them back in using a soft lump of wood between the fork legs. Once you have ridden over a few bumps you may need to re-adjust the top cap if they weren't completely seated when you put them back.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks - I'd given it a bit of a tap with a small lump of wood. Sounds like I just need to be a bit more persuasive.