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Easton bars... Why different graphics?

xand_xandxand_xand Posts: 271
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice
Easton bars.... Been looking for some over the past cpl of weeks but everywhere I look the designs are always completely different! I mean cosmetically between same models.
Which is puzzling me somewhat!
I don't want to end up with a version from a few years ago.

I've looked on all the usual Mtb shops websites, eBay etc but always different graphics. I looked on eastons own website and these have been showing the same graphics for the past year and are actually rather bland.

Example: I was after some Easton monkeylite xc and found these with no probs on all major Mtb store websites but never the same appearance.

Any pointers on how to go about ensuring I'm getting a current model? Quite frankly it's been doing my head in for a short while and preventing me from making that purchase.
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