Using a Shimano cassette with a Campag setup on the turbo.

Canny Jock
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Just bought a second hand turbo which came with a spare wheel, only problem is that it is a Shimano freehub and my bikes are Campag. As I'm not too worried about shift quality will this work OK? I'll be using 9 speed with a Sram chain


  • 9 speed is perfectly compatible... I use it on the road too... just start the gear indexing from the middle (5th) sprocket, aligninig the jockey wheels with the sprocket and all will be smooth
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  • Canny Jock
    Canny Jock Posts: 1,051
    Perfect, thank you. The shimano wheel currently has a 10 speed cassette, going to see if I can convert it to 9 speed using spacers from a 9 speed campag. If not I'll just get a shimano one.
  • andyrr
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    not sure if your campag/shimano mix will work without any equipment change : here is one useful page
  • It will work... I am running 9 speed Shimano cassette with 9 speed Campagnolo drivetrain/Ergos on my bike... no problem at all
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