cassette compatability 8/10 speed wheels

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Hi - would it work if I took the 10 speed SRAM Apex cassette off my Spesh wheel and put it on a spare rear wheel I have on my old bike? The spare wheel has a Shimano Tiagra hub and Mach one rim - but - it was bought for an eight speed hybrid bike so it has an SRAM 8 speed cassette on it. I cannot remember if it was sold as an 8 speed only wheel or not. Does it matter? Will the ten speed APEX fit? Is there an easy way to check?

The shop where I got my Spesh wheel are contacting Spesh about getting the new wheel (broken spokes) repaired/replaced under warranty but it may need to be sent back and I am despairing at the prospect of being bikeless while I wait!


  • If the hub you wish to put the ten speed cassette onto is compatible with 8/9/10 speed cassettes then no problem.
    I can not see a problem with this as even though SRAM cassettes have different spacings between sprockets depending on speed the overall width should be the same.
    Assuming the hub is fairly modern this should not pose a problem.
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    If you have a SRAM 8sp cassette on there, then yes the 10sp SRAM cassette will fit fine, no spacers or anything needed.

    You will probably have to adjust the rear mech so that the gears align correctly and might find you have to make minor adjustments to the the high & low stops, but no dramas.
  • Thanks very much andy and oldraver - the hub on the old wheel's only about a year old and I do have an SRAM 8 speed on it so I will swap them tommorow and Spesh can take their time if they want - many thanks