Creaking on the turbo?

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I've been riding my bike (Trek 2.3) on my turbo trainer for a few months and for the past week or two it's decided to make the most horrendous creaking noises; it sounds like my bike is going to break!
The noise seems to be coming from around the bottom bracket area and happens when either of my pedal strokes cross the 5 o'clock position. If I cycle really lightly and concentrate on full circle pedalling then it's fine, but in any kind of high gear it sounds dreadful, does anyone know where this sound is coming from or how I fix it? Thanks.


  • jgsi
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    Does it creak on the road?
    perhaps lightly grease where the rear skewer sits into the turbo.
    Check the turbo feet are not creaking on the floor or you have creaky laminate flooring.
    failing that it is the usual suspects of seatpost/ pedals/ bottom bracket.
  • It's only been on the road twice as I only had it for a week before I got a tendon graft on my hand, so now I can't do anything with an increased chance of falling over, but it didn't creak back then.
    It could be the skewer but I don't really think it is, I'll still give it a go though.
    It's definitely not from the floor as it is a metallic creaking.
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    It could be the QR creaking where it clamps in the turbo. Try a drop of grease on the ends of the skwewer and see if that stops it. In the past I've found that the way sound travels through a bike frame on the turbo can make it really hard to locate the source of a creak.
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